Sports enthusiasts

It all started with a shared passion...

We are first and foremost athletes who test our bodies day after day.

Over the years we have tried countless brands of food supplements, both Italian and foreign, and we have learned to recognize the subtle differences between mediocrity and excellence

From retailers to producers

We always seek and only the best.

We started as retailers, offering our customers a selection of the best Italian brands available.

However, we soon realized that the path of simple "trade" had its limits. In fact, high costs and growing inflation have forced us to make a bold decision: to go directly to the manufacturer to offer our customers the best quality-price ratio.

Quality made in Italy

Quality was and has remained our top priority.

We chose to collaborate exclusively with Italian producers, aware that the raw materials and the production process were of vital importance to obtain high quality supplements, thanks also to the rigorous hygienic-sanitary controls that fortunately our nation applies to any type of product, in particular to Made-in-Italy

guided by scientific research

Over the course of a few years, we therefore created our product line from scratch, based on solid scientific foundations and supported by extensive research.

Every day, we are committed to studying and constantly updating ourselves on the world of food and sports supplements, collaborating with experts in the sector.

We are not satisfied with half-truths or passing fads created for mere marketing and with little or no scientific value; we only create tested and (truly) effective products

Our mission

Our vision goes beyond the simple customer-seller relationship.

We want to involve everyone in our mission, from end customers to collaborators, from employees to producers.

All together, for a single purpose: to disseminate real information on sports and food integration.

That's why we are committed to educating and sharing our knowledge through our social channels such as on Instagram or on our blog.